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Never seen such a high price for such a useless, boring app.


This app is trash trhats it lol you probably will look at many comments but still download it at the end😂 oh well🤷‍♂️ them youll see This is trash and say “Gaaah i wasted my time i think exactly what that guy said”😂 carry on


Unless you want to pay for everything in this app by all means go right ahead but it’s ridiculous they ask for 28.99 a week for the premium they should at least let you try out the app before you make a perches and you can’t even do that!!!! What a wast of time!!!


I saw this app on an Instagram ad. At first I thought this would be so fun! But after reading so many bad reviews, I was hesitant to download. But I did anyway, and I was not impressed. Don’t download thinking you’re gonna find out what you’d look like as the other gender unless you’re expecting to pay an overpriced fee for every answer. This app also obviously has fake reviews and stars. Don’t download!


Have to pay before you see results


I saw advertising in instagram, I wanted to test it but it force me to be subscribe , then if you forget to be unsubscribe , you will be charged 🤕🤕

They took 30 dollars from my credit card

They robbed me


Um.. I was excited until I tried almost all of the quizzes and they all fricken cost money -_-


So my youngest daughter downloaded this app because it looked fun and free. Next thing I know there is a withdrawal from my banking account for 29.99!!!!


It’s a “free” app but you can’t do anything, literally ANYTHING without getting the premium membership. So therefor the app is not free and is a huge waste of time. No free options. Nothing. Just avoid this app because it’s pointless.

Don’t download this

It’s a waste of time and wants to charge $29.99 a week.

Do not download this app

Like others before me have said this app to use is $30 a week. There are no free quizzes and is completely useless unless you want to pay there ridiculous fee.

Cheap app

One of the most cheap app I have seen. It’s just ad app of craps. U have to put all the efforts to just close the advertisements and continue and finally nothing.

They are trying to charge 29.99 a week to play this

That is ridiculous. Come on.


This is not an app. This is scam, pure and simple. Get the app since its "free", fool around with, take it off. Find out later it is charging your card 30 bucks a WEEK! Apple has failed by letting this POS stay on its site. Looking to sue.

This app is ridiculous

You get charged... BEWARE

Test now

Not a good app. I thought it was going to be what you would look like on different things like switching genders but it’s just tests that you pay for. Bad

money waste

I was baby sitting my nieces and nephews and they decided to install this on my phone. I immediately erased it off my phone without a second thought and now I have a $30 charge on my account that I am trying to get back.

Stop now- minus 5 rating.

SCAM- advertise try it out for week , you do, they automatically bill you 30+$ that you can't get back. Have idea if app works but they are good at thievery!


I don’t know why I am getting charged $44 for an app I uninstalled the day after I got it? The “free trial” was three days I took it off before that. This is ridiculous. It didn’t even have the test that I downloaded to use in the first place.

Do not download ..

I wasted my time downloading this app .. nothing is free ..it asks for money as soon as u download and try to use it .. very disappointing 👎🏻🤬🤬🤬

This app is a scam

If giving 0 stars were possible, that’s what this app would get because on instagram it said “free trial blah blah blah” so when I’d started using it, it got deleted within s first day because it was stupid but apparently deleting an app isn’t “unsubscribing” so they still charge my account $32 A WEEK FOR A SUBSCRIPTION FOR AN APP THATS NOT EVEN ON MY PHONE. I’ve contacted apple to ask how to unsubscribe and that they are charging me for an app that’s I’ve got no subscription for and they are either ignoring me or don’t care because there isn’t a single response from apple in my emails!!


Avoid this scam! This should be removed from the App Store.


I blame insta f****cking gram for advertising this crap app on instagram

Absolutely Useless

EVERYTHING COSTS MONEY, I originally saw this app on Instagram and I thought it would be a fun little app because I was bored, I just now got on it to “see what I would look like as a boy” so I put my picture in, and it said I had to get premium to actually see the tests, absolutely stupid app, wish there was a 0 star cause that’s what it REALLY deserves


awful app and completely not worth the money. pathetic


App trash. Don’t waste your time

Easy to use.

Help me killed my boring time.

pretty cool

Fantastic genger change!!

pretty cool

Most friends love it, too.

This is the best app.

This is amazing

Very cool

Help me know whether we match each other! Thanks!!

I just love it

It tells me how do I look years later! Fantastic!!

It is very good

Very intresting

so cute and lovely

I just love it

Great app


I love it!!!

Love it!

Awesome I love it

I loved it very much!!

super cool

It tells me how do I look years later! Fantastic!!

so cute and lovely

This is amazing

awesome work

This is the best app ever!! Cool

Perfect test app!

It's the cutest piece of app I've ever used!!

Great app

Funny and easy to use.


Most friends love it, too.

Awesome I love it

Powerful testing app ever.

This is the best app.

This app is sooo cool im gonna use this everyday.

my family loves it

great app


This is amazing

This is the best app.

Powerful testing app ever


smart and beautful

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